Writing Words That Sell: Conversion Copywriting

1. Research

Obvious? Probably. But it can never be repeated enough: know who your customer is. This will be, by far, the most time-consuming step of producing great copy. What actually matters to your customer? What for, how, and why do people buy this product? What are the

2. Outline

Let’s keep in mind a cornerstone of UX design and conversion optimisation: familiarity. We’re not here to reinvent the wheel, we’re here to make the user’s experience as smooth as possible to facilitate desired action, and that is achieved by implementing design features that meet the visitor’s expectations of a website. On a homepage, these guideposts include a value proposition above the fold, made up of a header, sub-header, and bullet points or a paragraph. These elements can and should be tested for optimisation, but this framework is almost universally standard.

  1. Product name
  2. Value proposition
  3. Product features and benefits (specific and clear overview of what the product does)
  4. Problem –> Solution description
  5. List of everything in the product
  6. Technical information: what do you get and how does it work?
  7. Objection handling. Make a list of all possible FUDs (fears, uncertainties, doubts) and address them.
  8. Bonuses (what you get on top of the offer).
  9. Money-back guarantee (link to return policy).
  10. Price.
  11. Call to action.
  12. Expectation setting: what happens after you buy?

3. Draft copy

If there’s a rule that lays the foundation for all conversion copywriting, it is the following:

4. Conversion Boost

There are certain tweaks that you can make as a conversion optimiser to give a little boost to the percentage of readers that are taking desired action on-page. Try:

5. Revise & Rearrange

By this stage, you will be succumbing to the infamous over-immersion in a creative progress that obscures all perspective and objectivity. It’s time for a rest; shut down the computer, put the pen down, and undertake a leisure activity. Walk the dog, have a drink, do some yoga, go BASE jumping; whatever tickles your fancy and preferably doesn’t involve you writing words. You’ll need those eyeballs to be as fresh as they can get for when you dive back in the next day.

6. Test

In fantastically democratic CRO fashion, we release our work into the void and let the people decide on its value (remember: the best copy is the copy that makes money).



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